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Services Pro Videography

About JDT Pro Videography

Traditional forms of advertising and marketing such as billboards, broadcasting, and print media, are quickly fading into the background of today’s digital world. Billboards are now giant LED screens promoting multiple businesses at once; training manuals are viewed online, and many corporations have their own Youtube© Channel. Even your Sunday church services may be streamed via social media. Businesses are just now realizing the power of this new digital society.

Even though JDT Studios is not a huge video production house, we have built a diverse portfolio of clients in arts & entertainment, law enforcement, medical, educational, Fortune 500, and non-profit sectors. We have been providing our customers the full spectrum of video production services since 2001. As of 2014, we have shifted gears, and put our efforts into creating productions for business moving in the “digital advertising” direction.

“Uniquely innovative...” has always been our trademark for success. So with that in mind, we have shifted our focus away from larger video productions, and are now specializing in digital media production. Infomercials, training videos, corporate event recordings, social media streaming, and website based video production, are some of the services we are specializing in.

So why the change? Today, producing high quality multimedia products not only depends on a production company’s cinematography and editing skills, but the knowledge and tools to distribute them in a wide range of formats for multiple devices. DVD, USB, Facebook©, Youtube©, Smartphone’s, personal computers, tablets and TV, each have their own unique format and display requirements. These requirements change frequently (every 2 years on average). This is why you need us. This is what we specialize in.

We are working with, and studying these formats and processes daily. It is imperative that we stay current on industry standards and trends. This is why we are confident that no matter what the need is, we have a solution. The word “no” is not a common word in our vocabulary. We enjoy challenges. JDT Studios has partnered with our digital marketing and web development division “JDT WebPro” to meet the digital marketing needs of our clients and community. We are here to build your brand, create awareness and push your business to the next level in the digital market.

2SP Sports
Unlimited Performance Training

Source of/for Athletes. Resource for Coaches!

Post & Pre-Post Production
From raw to polished

Video production involves a list of tasks that must be executed during and after the shooting of the raw footage.

To insure that all of these tasks are performed on-time and to our high standard, each video production project is assigned its our JDT project manager. He is the link between you and the production staff. Location setup, camera operation, sound, and lighting setup are managed by him/her. "Shooting" of the raw footage is by JDT Studios employees, not freelancers. Pre-Post editing of raw video footage is done in-house. Our experienced editors use a variety of software tools to cut scenes, add transition & effects, process voice and sound dubbing.

Media Authoring
Make it usable

Authoring is the process of preparing your digital media to be displayed, may it be on a TV, computer, smart phone or other digital device.

JDT authors and converts to all the current devices & formats for distribution to: DVD, Flash Memory and Internet to list a few. Our DVD authoring capabilities include: custom and multiple menu creation, chapter & sub-chapters, animation effects and more. For clients needing authoring for the Internet and Smartphones, we offer authoring to Youtube©, Facebook© and more. Also embedded video files and coding for web such as HTML5, m4v, 3gp.

More Options
Above and beyond

When others can't we can. JDT has become known as the “go-to” guys... In the past, we have made loyal clients from those unable to find a solution to their difficult or unique request. If we can't do it, we'll figure out how or we'll find some one for you that can.

Have you own footage or digital media and need editing and authoring? We don't limit our services to only the media we produce, and we welcome the opportunity to help. Have a small or large project? Are a business or consumer? Have questions, need some information? Just call or contact us.