Services Media Transferring

Services Media Transferring

About Media Transfers

Media Transferring or transcoding is defined as converting from one form of coded representation to another. Such as transferring from video tape to DVD or Flash memory.

Still today, the most common type of media transfers in our studio is from VHS tape to DVD, but we can transfer to, or from, multiple of formats.
Formats such as: VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8 and Digital-8 tapes, Mini-DV, CD, DVD, USB Flash drives, and SD Flash Memory cards.
If you are in need of Photos or 35mm Slides transferring please refer to our Digital Scanning page, or for home movie film see our Film Transfer services.

Don't see a service that you need? Our capabilities are greater than can be listed here. Have a unique need? Maybe a Power Point presentation to a Windows Media file? We specialize in the unique.

Call or contact us for more information about our Media Transfer services or any of our other digital services.


We say goodbye to VHS. VCR production ended officially on July 22, 2016. After over 40 years, manufactures decided to end production due to rapid decline in sales. Because of this, we have seen a rise in our VHS to DVD conversions. If you have old VHS tapes but no longer have a working VCR to view them, your chances now are slim on finding a new one. You may be able to find a few units at a local thrift store, or garage sale, but you have no guarantees that they work properly, or they won’t damage you tapes. We highly suggest if you wish you preserve those memories, bring them to us to transfer.
We even suggest to have them transferred one of the most current media formats, not just to DVD. Would you believe that the DVD will soon be going the way of the VHS tape?

Pricing for our most common media transfer requests.
*all prices are for transferring of up to 120 minutes of content.

From To Cost
Video Tape DVD $20.00 per DVD
Video Tape Blu-ray DVD $35.00 per DVD
SDhc memory DVD $15.00 per DVD
SDhc memory Blu-ray DVD $30.00 per DVD
Call or contact us for pricing on any other Media to Media Transfer request.
*All Published Prices are estimates only and subject to change without notice.