Services Digital Scanning

Services Digital Scanning

Depending on your needs, JDT offers digital transferring of 35mm slides, photos, negatives, transparencies, and printed media. Our digital scanning process produces a very clean finished product. Our Digital film scanners produce the highest quality transfer available. Once the images are transferred, they are then color corrected, sized appropriately, and then mastered on the digital media of your choice.

Cleaning & Inspection

We will first inspect your slides and negatives in greater detail for dust, fingerprints and other defects.

Digital Scanning

Our 100% digital process allows us to transfer straight to our computer systems for adjustment.

Quality Control

Once the images are digitized and in our computer, our technician will perform color corrections and sizing.

Final Product

The final product is created, tested, labeled, and packaged according to your instructions.

JDT Studios 2016 digial scanning for our most common services

Digital Scanning

35mm slides • Photos • Negatives • Transparencies
Includes: 1 Master photo CD, Case and Label

Number of scans Cost
1 - 50 $1.00 each
51 - 200 $.075 each
201 - 400 $.050 each
401 - 1000 $.35 each
+1000 call
Additional Photo CD Copies $5.00 each
*All Published Prices are estimates only and subject to change without notice